Could You Sing Barbershop?

The Martin/St. Lucie Mariners Barbershop Chorus is constantly looking for people who like to sing.  Whether singing with the car radio, around the bar or in the shower you may have asked yourself “Why couldn’t I sing with a chorus?”  Very likely you could sing barbershop.

Although it is an advantage to be able to read music, such as you may have experienced in your high school band or singing in your church choir, it is not an essential.  Many “barbershoppers” are unable to read music.  Songs are learned primarily from audio tapes supplied to the chorus and by repetition at chorus rehearsal sessions.

The main requirement is that you have a clear strong voice and that you can, as the saying goes, “carry a tune.”  That is, sing a simple song in the same key from the beginning to the end.  And, of course, you must be willing to follow direction.

The more you learn and sing barbershop songs, the greater will be your appreciation of the art form.  “Sing-outs” and competitions for quartets and choruses occur regularly around the country.  Many of our members are eager to travel considerable distances to hear and see top-notch performers.

So if you think you might be interested, come visit us some Tuesday evening at the North Stuart Baptist Church.  If you wish, just sit and listen.  Or if you would like to “get your feet wet,” we’ll give you a guest book of music and you can join right in.

It is great fun!  Ask any “barbershopper.”

You can hear lots of Barbershop music by visiting the Barbershop Harmony Society’s YouTube channel. Just click the button below!
Barbershop Harmony YouTube channel